Board of Directors, Local Youth & Active Duty Commands

President Tom Clark, 412.551-5725

Vice President of Outreach: Robert Conway  412.780-6703

Vice President of Education: Don Beynon, 412 680-3200

Secretary: Katherine Kersten:,  412.367.4725

Judge Advocate: Nick Krawec, Esq.,       412.456.8103

Immediate Past President: Bob MacPherson, 717.606.7047

Treasurer: Anita Sleigh, 570 387-6532

Director, Scholarship Programs: John Caspero, 412.257.6141

Outreach Committee Representative and Sea Services Commands Liaison : Polly Bozdech-Veater  412.782.2533   Polly is also the Navy League National Vice President of Awards.  At the 2019 June National Convention Polly was elected as one of the nine national Vice Presidents  (congratulations Polly).

Membership: George Skivington,, 585 489-8333

Public Relations
Don Beynon, Webmaster,

Rob Conway, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)

NLUS-National Director
Liberty Region President and VP for Legislative Affairs, Sea Service Liaison
Polly/Paula Bozdech-Veater

National Officers:
NLUS Director Emeritus Bill Braund
NLUS- Director Emeritus Dick Halleran
NLUS Director Emeritus Richard Kennedy
NLUS Director Emeritus Judy Halleran

NLUS Vice President  Polly Bozdech-Veater

Past Presidents:

A list of past Pittsburgh Council Presidents is in the Port of Pittsburgh newsletter

Local Flag Officers:
Robert (Bob) Clark (Ret.)

RADM Ray English

RADM Bruce Doll

Local Youth Programs (See Port of Pittsburgh Newsletter for full listing and contact information)

Naval Sea Cadets Unit, Pittsburgh Battalion

Ambridge High School Marine JROTC

West Allegheny High School  Marine JROTC

Local Active Duty Commands (see Port of Pittsburgh Newsletter for full listing and contact information)

U.S. Coast Guard,
  - Marine Safety Unit, 
  - USCG CGC Osage

Marine Corps Recruiting Battalion, Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University,  Naval Science Steel City ROTC (serves CMU, Pitt & Duquesne Universities)

Navy Talent Acquisition Group, Pittsburgh

Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC)

Marine Units; 625 E. Pittsburgh-McKeesport Blvd.  North Versailles, PA 15137

Erie Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC)  

Erie Coast Guard Station

Defense Contract Management Agency Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh Council, Patriotism & Gratitude, Honor, Knowledge, Service, Awareness, & Engagement