NLUS Pittsburgh Council Presidents Message

Dear fellow citizens in support of our sea services

The long and proud history of our Pittsburgh Council began with our 1942 charter from the Navy League of the United States in the midst of World War II.  The Council’s turnover documents show a recordable history beginning in 1977 under the leadership of Mr. John Van Huyck. From thence forward many of the past Council Presidents continue today as active members including:  Wallace Utley (1978), John Caspero (1980, 1992), David Erdodi (1981), Dick Halleran (1984-5), William Stein (1988), Richard Kennedy (1991), Doug Thompson (1993), Ray Boyer (1996), Karl Ludwig (1998), Bill Braund (2000), Stew Shannon (2001-2), James Bendel (2004), Paula Bozdech-Veater (2005-7), Judy Halleran (2008-10), Al Hribar (2011-12), and Henry Rainone (2013-15). This is but a snapshot  of the over 250 active members in our Council who continue to serve our sea service men and women with a strong spirit of Patriotism for our country and Gratitude to those selfless men and women who “go down to the sea in ships” to keep our country free, strong, generous, and prosperous. We send a special thank you to Bob MacPherson, Polly Bozdech-Veater, John Caspero, and Katherine Kersten for their efforts on behalf of our council and service to our military in 2017..


In the last 10 years, under the leadership of our board of directors, our level of service, awareness, and engagement has greatly increased for our Council’s adopted ship, USS PITTSBURGH (SSN-720) further described in our  quarterly newsletters and under the USS Pittsburgh tab.   Our veterans and local sea service commands engaged by our Council include

  • VA Hospital in Aspinwall,
  • Steel City NROTC Unit, based at Carnegie Mellon University
  • The U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit,
  • Navy Recruiting District (Pittsburgh),
  • Marine Corps Recruiting District (Pittsburgh),  
  • NOSC  Pittsburgh,  
  • NOSC  Erie,  
  • USCG CGC Osage,
  • Erie Coast Guard Station,
  • Naval Sea Cadets (Pittsburgh),
  • Penn Hills High School Navy JROTC Unit,
  • Ambridge High School
  • West Allegheny High School Marine JROTC units among others.   
  • Quarterly Sea Services Commands Liaison meetings

Our council looks forward to continuing our traditions as well as starting new ones in 2016 to continue to support our charter and our mission.

In 2017 and beyond WE have a responsibility to continue the Navy League's missions to Educate our local leaders and the general public on maritime issues AND to provide Outreach to the local men and women of our sea services and their families. 

My door (e-mail-, NLUS-Pittsburgh Facebook page and phone) is open to you. Perhaps you have ideas or concerns you would like to bring to our Council. 

As 2017 unfolds, I ask each of you to consider participating in one or more Council sponsored events this next year. 

In support of our sea services,

Brad Harrison Immediate Past President

Pittsburgh Council, Patriotism & Gratitude, Honor, Knowledge, Service, Awareness, & Engagement